Prayer For Qubec

It is so strange that it doesn’t feel real

I don’t know if you have been following the news in Canada or not – but in our province of Quebec, things are getting very difficult for many people. I won’t get into all of those, but you can look them up on your own. They are very prohibitive for those who have not received a vaccination. 

That has now carried over into the church.

All churches were recently shut down at the beginning of the year. No worship gatherings were legal. Yesterday, the news was given that we can open up to 50% capacity (or 250 persons) – but only if we check the vaccine status of the people entering.

This poses a real challenge for the church. We are now being forced into a situation that none of us want. Already, a church we are connected to is splitting over the issue. 

Our options are:
– Check vaccination passports and refuse people without them
– Meet outside in very cold weather (which we will do this coming week)
– Go completely online
– Meet illegally

Please pray for the church in Quebec to have wisdom as to what we should all do.
Please pray for the government to reverse its decision to ask us to implement a vaccine passport system in the church.
Please pray that many people meet Jesus in the coming weeks.

I am so deeply thankful for your prayers and support. Many days our family is doing well. Other days… we are not. It’s been a very difficult time to lead and be on mission here. But we are praying and expectant for revival and we are open to whatever the Lord wants to do with us as His people. 

Thank you for praying. 

Dwight (on behalf of the whole Bernier crew)

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